TAN Catalog Files (collection)

TAN catalog files are intended to facilitate the discovery of relevant TAN files and to support the XSLT function collection(). They catalog or index any or all TAN files within a local directory and perhaps its subdirectories.

These catalog files must always be named catalog.tan.xml. They depart from all other TAN files in their structure. They have no namespace. They have neither body nor head. Rather, they are patterned off the catalog.xml description provided by Saxonica (https://www.saxonica.com/documentation9.5/sourcedocs/collections.html), to .

Any XML file passed to the stylesheet /do things/populate/populate TAN catalog file.xsl will automatically generate one of these files.

The root element of a catalog file is <collection>, with children <doc>s that hold simple metadata about the TAN files that are in a directory and its subdirectories. Only TAN files may be registered in a <doc>.