The attribute chars list of one or more characters, specified through Arabic numerals, the keyword 'last' or 'last-X' (where X is a valid number), joined with commas or hyphens.

Examples: '1', 'last', 'last-3 - last-1', '1, 3, 5, 7 - 11, last-8, last'

Formal Definition

string (pattern ((last|max|all|\*)|((last|max)-\d+)|(\d+))(\s*-\s*(((last|max))|((last|max)-\d+)|(\d+)))?(\s*[, ]\s*(((last|max))|((last|max)-\d+)|(\d+))(\s+-\s+(((last|max))|((last|max)-\d+)|(\d+)))?)*|.*\?\?\?.*)

Defined at: TAN-class-2.rng

Used by: ~tok-ref-item


Sequences may not include values less than 1.


Sequences may not include values greater than the maximum allowed.


Ranges in sequences must go from a lesser value to a greater.


Every character must be locatable in every token in every ref in every source.


Ranges consist of exactly two values separated by a hyphen.