The element m carries a morphological code that conforms to the rules or patterns defined in the TAN-mor file upon which the data depends.

Codes are space-delimited. If a value of <m> violates the rules established by the TAN-mor file, an error will be generated. For more about how codes are built, and how they function, see the section called “Lexico-Morphology”.

Formal Definition

~certainty-stamp?, @morphology?, string (pattern [^\+\s]+(\s+[^\+\s]+)*)

Defined at: TAN-A-lm.rng

Used by: ~TAN-A-lm-item


When using a category-based morphology, the number of feature codes in an <m> may not exceed the number of categories.


Every feature code in an <m> must be found in the target morphology file.


Every condition of a relevant dependency morphology <assert> (<report>) must be true (false) otherwise an error will be returned.