The element rule encloses asserts and reports that should be evaluated provided that the conditions specified in the attributes (or children <where> attributes) are true.

Formal Definition

   (~inclusion | (
    {{{[TAN-mor (~action-condition-attributes):]   ~action-condition-attributes}}} OR 

    {{{[TAN-class-2 (~action-condition-attributes):]   ~action-condition-attributes}}} OR 

    {{{[TAN-core (~action-condition-attributes):]   {empty}}}} | <where>+), (<assert> | <report>)+))

Defined at: TAN-mor.rng

Used by: ~TAN-R-mor-body

Example 8.182. <rule>

<TAN-mor TAN-version="2018" id="tag:kalvesmaki.com,2014:tan-r-mor:eng:penn">
      <rule m-matches=".+">
         <assert m-has-how-many-features="1">Features may not be combined.</assert>
      <rule m-has-features="$">
         <assert tok-matches="$">Only $ may be tagged as a dollar sign.</assert>
      <rule m-has-features="'' . ; :">
         <report tok-matches="\w">Nothing marked as punctuation should have word


Taken from eng.kalvesmaki.com,2014.2