The element subject points to text references that act as the subject of the claim.

Multiple values of <subject> are interpreted to mean "and", resulting in distribution of the claim (e.g., subject="x y" becomes "x [verby]..." and "y [verb]...").

Formal Definition

   (~simple-textual-reference | ~complex-textual-reference-set)

Defined at: TAN-A-div.rng

Used by: ~claim, ~subject


No <tok> should duplicate any sibling <tok>.


Every <claim> must have at least one subject, either @subject (self or ancestral <body>) or a child <subject>

Example 8.194. <subject>

      <claim verb="refers-to">
         <subject src="grc" ref="1 b 25"/>
         <object work="grc" ref="1 a 16"/>


Taken from ar.cat.tan-a-div.claims

Example 8.195. <subject>

      <claim verb="is-about" object="predication">
         <subject work="grc" ref="1 1"/>


Taken from ar.cat.tan-a-div