The element verb contains an IRI + name pattern identifying a property, relationship, action, or something else that is used to say something about something.

The preferred term "verb" is equivalent to RDF "predicate." The latter term is avoided as misleading, since in ordinary usage the term "predicate" implies everything in a sentence that is not the subject.

Formal Definition

~object-constraint?, ~defn-pattern-default

Defined at: TAN-A-div.rng

Used by: ~defn-claims


Claims involving verbs whose object is constrained must use <object>, not @object.


Verbs that have object constraints must not be combined with other verbs in @verb.

Example 8.221. <verb>

         <alias xml:id="comm-omnes" idrefs="π δ αd φd οd ηd σd"/>
         <verb xml:id="omits" which="omits"/>
         <verb xml:id="agrees" which="agrees"/>
         <verb xml:id="replaces" which="replaces" object-datatype="string"/>
         <verb xml:id="quotes" which="quotes"/>
         <verb which="refers or alludes to" xml:id="refers-to"/>


Taken from ar.cat.tan-a-div.claims