The attribute object takes one or more ID refs of entities defined in <head> that serve as the grammatical object of a claim. For example, if you wish to say that work A is a commentary on work B, then the object would have the ID ref for work B. If you wish to make more complex assertions, use <object>.

Multiple values of @object are interpreted to mean "and", resulting in distribution of the claim (e.g., object="x y" becomes "[subject] [verb] x" and "[subject] [verb] y...").

In RDF, the concept of object (the third element of a triple) is required. In TAN-c, it is not required, since some <verb>s may be intransitive (e.g., "Charlie slept.").

Formal Definition

Defined at: TAN-A-div.rng

Used by: ~body-content-non-class-2, ~claim, ~object


Taken from ar.cat.tan-a-div