The element checksum specifies some checksum that can be used to confirm the identity of a digital file being referred to. This element contains other elements that define the type and value of the checksum. Must begin with an IRI + name pattern that defines the type of checksum being used (e.g., SHA-1).

This element allows later users ensure that a copies of a file are identical.

The checksum will not be generated, checked, or validated by TAN schemas. Checksum validation must be provided by other means.

Formal Definition

      ((<IRI>+, ~metadata-human) | @which), <value>

Defined at: TAN-core.rng

Used by: ~entity-digital-tan-other-ref, ~entity-digital-generic-ref

Example 8.109. <checksum>

         <name>The Saint Patrick's Confessio Hypertext Stack Project edition</name>
         <location href="confessio_english_temp.xml" when-accessed="2016-09-09"/>


Taken from patricius.confessio.2003.eng