The element comment discusses issues relevant to nearby data. Must credit an <agent>, specified by @who, and a time the comment was made, specified by @when.

Formal Definition

@when, @who, text

Defined at: TAN-core.rng

Used by: ~TAN-A-lm-item, ~alignment, ~category, ~alt-norm, ~func-replace, ~TAN-head, ~nonsource-license, ~inclusion-item, ~key-item, ~source-item, ~see-also-item, ~definition-list, ~alter-element, ~body-content-core, ~defn-pattern-default, ~defn-pattern-id, ~defn-pattern-no-id, ~defn-pattern-language

Example 8.110. <comment>

         <name>The traditional games of England, Scotland, and Ireland : with tunes, singing-rhymes,
        and methods of playing according to the variants extant and recorded in different parts of
        the Kingdom</name>
         <comment when="2015-03-10" who="park">This work is to be found at vol. 2, pp.


Taken from gomme.1989.ring-o-roses

Example 8.111. <comment>

         <div-type xml:id="para" which="paragraph"/>
         <comment when="2016-01-25-05:00" who="park">The following agents and roles apply only to the
         preparation of the TAN file, not the original TEI file that serves as the source. See the
         teiHeader for details on responsibility.</comment>
         <person xml:id="park">


Taken from patricius.confessio.2003.eng

Example 8.112. <comment>

      <change when="2014-08-13" who="schmidt">Anfang</change>
      <comment when="2014-08-13" who="schmidt">unten auf der Z. 438, recht</comment>


Taken from ring-o-roses.deu.1897

Example 8.113. <comment>

      <change when="2014-10-24" who="park">Started file</change>
      <comment when="2014-10-24" who="park">See p. 39 of source.</comment>


Taken from ring-o-roses.eng.1987