The element feature names, through its IRI + name pattern, a grammatical feature or concept (e.g., plural, subjunctive, 1st person) that is part of a language. In the context of <feature> a @code is always included. The first <feature> of a <category> never has @code, and refers to the grammatical feature that characterizes the category.

See main.xml# keywords-feature for a list of standard features, derived from OLiA.

Formal Definition

~defn-pattern-id@type, @code

Defined at: TAN-mor.rng

Used by: ~defn-features, ~category

Example 8.124. <feature>

      <definitions ed-when="2015-03-03" ed-who="kalvesmaki">
         <alias id="''" idrefs="cl-quo"/>
         <feature xml:id="cl-quo">
            <name>closing quotation mark</name>
            <desc>Examples: ' ''</desc>
         <alias id="--" idrefs="dash"/>
         <feature xml:id="dash">
            <desc>Examples: --</desc>
         <alias id="$" idrefs="x24"/>
         <feature xml:id="x24">
            <desc>Examples: $ -$ --$ A$ C$ HK$ M$ NZ$ S$ U.S.$ US$</desc>
         <alias id="[" idrefs="x5B"/>
         <feature xml:id="x5B">
            <name>opening bracket</name>
            <desc>Examples: ( [ {</desc>
         <alias id="]" idrefs="x5D"/>


Taken from eng.kalvesmaki.com,2014.2