The element for-lang specifies a language that is being discussed. This element does NOT name the language of the text enclosed by the parent element, which is the province of @xml:lang.

Values should adhere to BCP (Best Common Practices) 47, http://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/bcp/bcp47.txt. For more details see the section called “Languages”.

Examples: 'eng' (English), 'grc' (classical Greek), 'lat' (Latin). For more see the section called “Languages”

Formal Definition


Defined at: TAN-core.rng

Used by: ~defn-morph, ~lang-preface, ~TAN-R-mor-body, ~defn-pattern-language


<for-lang> and <source> are mutually exclusive in a TAN-A-lm file.

Example 8.125. <for-lang>

         <morphology xml:id="Perseus">


Taken from ar.cat.grc.1949.minio-paluello-sem-TAN-LM-sample

Example 8.126. <for-lang>

      <rule m-matches=".+">


Taken from eng.kalvesmaki.com,2014.2