The element inclusion specifies a TAN file that is available for inclusion. An inclusion occurs whenever an element X points to this inclusion by means of @include. TAN-compliant validators and processors will find every X that is found in the included file (checked recursively, against any inclusions of X adopted by the inclusion) and insert them at that place in the main document.

Only select elements will be included, not the entire inclusion file. Exactly which elements are included is dictated by @include.

Invoking an <inclusion> does not require its use.

For more on this, see the section called “Keys and Inclusions”

Formal Definition

~ed-stamp?, @xml:id, (<comment>* & 
      (@href | (<IRI>, ~metadata-human, <checksum>*, <location>+)))

Defined at: TAN-core.rng

Used by: ~claim, ~defn-morph, ~defn-lexi, ~TAN-A-lm-item, ~alignment-inclusion-opt, ~TAN-key-item, ~category, ~morphology-rule, ~text-div, ~alt-norm, ~func-replace, ~alt-skip, ~alt-rename, ~alt-equate, ~alt-reassign, ~tok-ref-group, ~nonsource-license, ~inclusion-list, ~key-item, ~source-item, ~see-also-item, ~alter-element, ~resp-item, ~body-group, ~defn-pattern-default, ~defn-pattern-id, ~defn-pattern-no-id, ~defn-pattern-language, ~defn-alias, ~defn-period, ~defn-relationship, ~defn-tok-def


For any element with @include, at least one element of the same name must be found in target inclusion document.


Inclusions may not be circular.


Inclusions are integral parts of any TAN file. Access to at least one copy is absolutely mandatory.


Every element with a <location> should have at least one document available.


Every TAN file referred to by way of an element containing <location> should have an @id that matches the <IRI> of the parent of the <location>


No element may point to a TAN file that has an identical @id value; the only exception is a <see-also> pointing to an older or new version.


If a target file does not explicitly give the <body>'s @in-progress the value of true() a warning will be returned. Target file is marked as being in progress.


If a target file has a <see-also> marked as a new version (update) a warning will be returned.


If @when-accessed predates one or more dates in a target file, a warning will be returned.

Example 8.134. <inclusion>

      <licensor who="kalvesmaki"/>
      <inclusion xml:id="rel">
         <name>Categories, Aristotle, Greek text by Minio-Paluello</name>
         <location href="../ar.cat.grc.1949.minio-paluello-obj.xml" when-accessed="2016-09-28T08:50:23.457-04:00"/>


Taken from ar.cat.grc.1949.minio-paluello-sem-TAN-LM-sample